Top 5 Reasons Why Refurbishing Your Cabinets Is the Better Alternative

Top 5 Reasons Why Refurbishing Your Cabinets Is the Better Alternative


When buying new furniture like cabinets is not an option for homeowners renovating their homes, the best alternative is often cabinet refurbishing. Changing the different pieces of furniture that adorn one’s home is often the most important task associated with home renovations, so this step should not be taken lightly.

In this article, we explore the different reasons why cabinet refurbishing is the better path to take.


Finishing home renovations quickly is often a factor that homeowners and contractors take into consideration when remodeling their homes. As a homeowner, you would prefer to have less downtime as much as possible. On the other hand, you may not have the necessary free time to shop for new furniture.

If you opt for cabinet refurbishing, the time you spend shopping for furniture as well as the amount of time your home spends in a mess of wood and paint will be significantly less.


Cabinet refurbishing involves stripping away the original paint coating in the piece of furniture, and then applying a new layer of paint to enhance its appearance. This process usually costs significantly less than purchasing new cabinets. Doing so will also save you money on the physical removal of old cabinets and the installation of new ones. This is a cost effective approach if you have a budget for remodeling your home kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and toilets.

Interior Design Expertise

Home remodeling often coincides with changes in a person’s design preferences. Your home’s interior design theme for the past ten or twenty years may no longer work in today’s interior design landscape. For example, you may also no longer prefer your living room’s 70s design.

Refurbishing your home cabinets and other pieces of furniture gives you more leeway in making changes to your home that will match the interior design trends today. It also helps that furniture refurbishing firms are well-versed with these design trends, and they can help you achieve your desired design look.

Unleash Your Creativity

Cabinet refurbishing is an easy skill to learn. There are multiple tutorials and lessons available online or from your local skills training center. If you prefer the DIY approach, you may undertake the refurbishing portion of your home remodeling yourself. This can be a chance for you to express yourself through painting and woodworking.

You can bring out the shine from old furniture and give them a new personality by applying new paint colors and varnish.

Keep Old Furniture

There are often some pieces of furniture that hold memories for you. Like that set of kitchen cabinets from your first home or that old fireplace mantle piece your grandmother gave you when you got married. Most of these furniture may not be considered as precious antique pieces, but they somehow represent an important part of your life, and you therefore hesitate to part with them.

Furniture refurbishing is a far better alternative to save these pieces of furniture. By doing so, you are able to preserve your sense of personal history in a way that greatly enhances the present time you are living in.


It Is More than Repainting Cabinets

Cabinet refurbishing is more than just repainting old furniture. It is breathing new life into old furniture after stripping away the old. This is done without destroying the aspects of a furniture that makes it important. Keep this in mind when deciding if you want to completely overhaul your home by buying new furniture or if you want to refurbish your old furniture instead. Let this article guide you in making the decision that will best suit your needs.

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