Paint Job Preparation

Importance of Paint Job Preparation

Correct surface preparation before an interior or exterior paint job is usually neglected by do-it-yourselfers and many low quality “blow and go” painters. Too many times have we seen house painting jobs that ignored all of the surface prep and homeowners don’t understand why their paint job is failing. Always inspect walls for dents, cracks, dirt, grease, previous bad paint, nail holes, stains, and any other irregularities. It’s best to sand down walls, fill necessary holes, level any cracks, and provide a smooth clean painting surface. Without the correct preparation of surfaces, your paint might not stick or it could even crack.

Proper paint job preparation includes knowledge of the surface being prepped as well as knowledge on what materials are needed and used. Preparation often takes longer than the actual painting itself. Rushing prep work along and skipping the necessary steps will just mean you are going to have to repaint sooner than later.

Other than prepping surfaces, you need to cover anything you don’t waint dust or paint on. If you can in an interior, remove any furniture from the room. Paint is extremely hard to get out of a lot of carpets and furniture fabrics. If you are doing an exterior, drop off any plants or landscaping. Making a clear path will make sure you do not trample any shrubbery. If you do not have drop cloths, you can always use plastic. You can buy rolls of plastic at many local paint stores or big box stores.

It’s easy to get excited and want to rush right into painting without prepping first. Keep in mind paint job preparation is 90% of the job, so don’t cut corners or the results will end up being disappointing. At Michigan Paint Works, we know the proper preparation, materials, and what it really takes to give you a long lasting quality paint job.


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