Finding Local Painters

Local Painters – 5 Tips to Finding a Good Contractor

Finding the right paint contractor is the most important decision you will make to obtain the best results for your home. Below are 5 tips.

Make sure the painters know how to deal with hazards

Many tasks related to painting jobs present hazards. Painters work on ladders, sand surfaces, and use power tools and use chemicals. Knowledgeable painters know the steps needed to protect themselves and the client’s household.

Ask them what safety measures they have for surface preparation, actual painting and after-job clean up.

Check their experience

How long have they have been in business? The rule of thumb for this is at least 10 years experience.

This is important as you want to know if they are familiar with tools and paints, as well as how to use these materials efficiently.

Experienced painters know how to work within the allotted budget without compromising quality. Also, they know how to guide clients on how to use the right colors, paint types and color combinations.

Ask for an estimate

Many companies don’t like giving estimates and scoff at customers who require a home visit for an estimate. They don’t deserve your time, money and attention.

You should look for people who can come to your house and inspect everything first before they can give an estimate. Once you have three or four qualified local painters in mind, invite them over.

The estimate should be comprehensive and detailed. Details should include power washing, prep, painting, and final inspection. The quotation should be clear on total costs of labor and materials. The estimate should also reflect the following:

  • Your contact info
  • The painter’s contact info
  • Specification of the work to be completed
  • Products and paints to be used (brand names should be specified)
  • Total cost
  • Date of completion

It is a common practice for contractors to receive an initial deposit during the signing of the contract and partial payments as the job progresses.

Get in touch with referrals who became their clients

Ideally, you want to talk to each referral. When you do, ask them these questions:

  • Did the contractor finish the job on time?
  • How do you feel about the results? Did you have issues with the finish?
  • Did the estimate match the overall cost of the project?
  • Were they disruptive? (Some painters play loud music and engage in lewd conversations while at work.)
  • Would you call the painter again for your next project?

Check their presentation

Another sure indicator of a good contractor is the ability to give a good presentation. Are they dressed properly, polite and professional? Their presentation will give you a glimpse of what they do in their job and how they do it.

Ask for the right paints to use

Paints are not created equal. They are created for different purposes and applicable on different materials.

If you opt for the premium paints, it will cost you more, but if they are maintained well, the paint will last longer, making you avoid frequent repainting in the future. Ask your contractor for guidance on this matter

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