Looking for a local Clarkston, MI painter with outstanding quality and results?

We at Michigan Paint Works work hard to be the number one Clarkston house painters. We guarantee you will find our services helpful in making your home look wonderful. For Clarkston, MI services, Michigan Paint Works should be your top pick. Our Clarkston painters are meticulous in prep work for the perfect finished house painting quality. We can give you a quote and also help you pick colors. Trying to find the perfect company for your Clarkston painting project can be a hassle, so whether or not you just bought a new house or are trying to sell it, Michigan Paint Works is here to help you with any house painting questions you might have.

Why pick Michigan Paint Works for your Clarkston home or business?

Our Clarkston painters are extremely knowledgeable and produce top quality results. Whether your painting requirements are Interior, exterior, residential, or commercial, Michigan Paint works has the painting services in Clarkston, 48346 zipcode for the job. Our professional painting services are coupled with a high level of quality work. Preserving one, if not your most expensive living expense is a must. Not painting the exterior of your house can lead to wood rot, mildew, and many other undesireable hassles. Let Michigan Paint Works qualified contractors look after this burden for you. If you have a question, we can answer it. Head over to the ABOUT page or CONTACT us now!

How much will it cost for interior house painting in Clarkston?

Interior house painting cost comes down to size of wall area to be painted, materials, preparation time, size of paint crew needed, wall height, size of trim, the amount of doors, and repairs. Michigan Paint Works in most cases can give you an estimated quote right over the phone/text or through email. You can fill out our request form here and we will get a hold of you as soon as possible to go over your interior painting job.

What about exterior house painting cost?

Exterior house painting cost is similar to the interior painting but repeairs and prep time are a bit different. If there is rotted wood and multiple layers of paint to be stripped on your Clarkston home, the price will change a bit. Upkeep on the exterior of your home is very important and will end up saving you money in the long run if you paint your house every 5-7 years.